FREE EBOOK: The ABC's of the Trucking Industry

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Like almost every industry, trucking has its own set of terminology. New drivers are expected to know many of these terms from day one, especially those that relate to truck safety and truck driving rules and regulations. 

Whether you're new to DOT regulations or could do with a quick recap, learn the fundamentals with The ABC's of the Trucking Industry.

This ebook covers over 26 definitions and regulations related to operating a commercial vehicle including:            


  • Bill of Lading
  • DAC Services        
  • Interstate vs Intrastate driving
  • Hours of Service Rule                                  
  • EOBR's
  • ......... and many more!

Craig Safety's DOT experts work countless hours keeping drivers safe and bringing companies the latest trends in DOT compliance and technology.  Stay up to date with trucking terminology and terms by downloading this ebook.